Cosmetic Doctor


Dr Kenneth Heah completed medicine at the University of Adelaide and started working as an Emergency Doctor. After getting married, he decided to relocate  Sydney & started to practice in cosmetic medicine alongside some general practice, working passionately in both. Dr Ken describes how he finds a harmonious balance between using the analytical & methodical left brain with his artistic right brain in his everyday life in his GP & cosmetic practices.

Dr Kenneth has attended conferences & courses around the world including Korea, Thailand & locally in Australia, Dr Kenneth understands the cosmetic preferences of a multiracial society in Sydney.  

He is proficient in various Cosmedical Procedures, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, thread lifts, filler threads, collagen induction therapies, medical IV nutrition, PRP & various minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. 

While Dr Kenneth is pursuing his passion in healthcare, Dr Ken has also explored the field of building biology as a side interest – explaining that while we can be physically fit & look good with cosmetic procedures, we also need a healthy home to enjoy our life with our family.